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Ashland Evans

Originally from Virginia, Ashland Evans has been creating abstract and modern functional pieces of art to destress from working in Hospice. Ashland’s work incorporates two major themes/intentions behind every piece: function and connection. Ashland’s artwork is designed with the intention to encourage socialization, conversation, and togetherness. Each piece is functional and has purpose and use. All items are handmade to be durable and survive everyday wear and tear, while also serving as unique display pieces. Ashland hopes that his artwork may have the opportunity to be in the backdrop of great memories being made; Maybe it is to help bring some color while enjoying a hot cup of coffee with a spouse or loved one, a cheese board for hosting a night with friends, or a unique wine glass to hold that bottle of vino to celebrate an exciting occasion. Each one-of-a-kind creation is made with love in Napa, California.

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