Cheryl Thompson

Jewels of the Vineyard

I grew up in the sunny California community of San Diego which has influenced my designs around natural items such as leather and stone. After moving to the Napa Valley in 2000 to plant and develop a vineyard with my family, my influence moved to earthy and vibrant colors and texture found here in the vineyards. While the cool colors of the ocean and sand still prevail in my work, the incorporation of the jewel tones of ripening grapes, Fall harvest and hot summers brought diversity to Jewels of the Vineyard. Using handmade elements from metals and beads, new textures and styles of leather and mixing it with color is my hallmark style. Unexpected combinations have prompted followers to look at leather jewelry with a new light.

I have been an artist my entire life, although not always a jewelry designer. From hand painted linens and fabrics to a ceramic manufacturing corporation, my hands have always followed my heart or art passion.

I create beautiful things to bring a smile to your face and those that see my jewelry. I truly love what I do. BE BEAUTIFUL!

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