Dale Reiger

Dale W. Reiger was born in Seattle, Washington, but grew up in Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington. Dale lived for short periods in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston, but always returned to Seattle and lived there many years until moving to Whidbey Island in 2006. Dale graduated from Washington State University with a degree in English.

Through poetry, fiction, play writing, and owning and operating two successful businesses, Dale finally arrived at abstract painting in 1991. He began working with glass, now his major focus, in 2005.

Dale has public art on display in Yountville, California, Oregon and Washington and exhibits in galleries in Washington, California, New Mexico and Nebraska. He has 4 large kilns with the biggest one capable of making a piece of glass almost 7 feet tall. Dale lives with his wife, Teri Jo Summer-Reiger, (www.terijosummer.com) a well known clothing designer and fabric artist.

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