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Danielle Krey

Hey there sunshine—My name is Danielle and I’m the one-woman-show behind Sparky Spirit Jewelry. As a Certified Crystal Practitioner, this is what I love and I love what I do! I make jewelry with crystals as a practice and as a prayer, for the ignition of inner values to outer self-expression, so that we may expand within our own natural beauty (and because it’s fun). Hailing from the mountains of Colorado, it was my passion for the wild outdoors that started my love of crystals, and jewelry became the perfect medium. Not only is jewelry an easy way to keep your favorite gems close to heart, but it’s also a wonderful outlet for creative self expression. My designs are often minimalistic and simple with a modern boho flare. From crafting the everyday dainty jewelry to my more dazzling statement pieces, this is a heart-centered practice. All of my jewelry has been created to ignite a spark in your spirit.

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