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Daniel Wooddell

D. Wooddell Glass

Daniel Wooddell is a glass artist born and raised in Maunawili, HI. His glass artwork is marked by themes surrounding the unique Hawaiian culture, flora and fauna, combined with western materials and techniques. Daniel is a graduate of California College of the Arts in Oakland, CA (BFA, Glass, 1993). For the last 30 years, he has been working as an independent artist at various glass studios in Hawaiʻi and the San Francisco Bay Area. Daniel’s work can be found in selected galleries and on

Artist’s Statement
The inspiration for my work is rooted in memories of growing up in the Hawaiian Islands. I spent hours in and around the ocean, as well as hiking and exploring the mountains. These experiences have shaped my view of what beauty is and has inspired me to interpret what I see. Through abstract representation of forms, patterns, and saturation of color, I recreate these memories and share them as glass artwork.



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