Diane Pope

I’m a visually oriented person. I see images in everything from trees and clouds to the texture on walls. I’ve been drawn to visual art for as long as I can remember and it touches my life nearly every day.

I believe that plants and animals, especially birds, are a feast for the eyes. When
painting I strive to create something that the viewer will experience as a pleasing
visual treat. My paintings appeal to bird and nature lovers but one of the greatest
complements I have received was when someone told me; “I never thought of
myself as a bird person but your paintings make me so happy.”

The technique I use most when painting is to start with a loose background
creating a somewhat out of focus look. I then add the subject with increasing
detail until I feel I have captured its spirit. Watercolor as a medium allows for
such diversity from loose and abstract to very detailed. Painting consistently
brings me joy and fulfillment in my life and I cannot imagine my world without it.

How to Contact the Artist

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