Guy Buffet

Guy Buffet is an accomplished French-American artist originally from Paris who has succeeded in creating whimsical paintings that have graced the walls of many prestigious establishments and on various licensed products all over the world.


Known for his depictions of chef, sommeliers, waiters and café scenes, he has re-visited his French roots in his paintings. Guy has spent much of his career in the Polynesian islands lending many colorful island works of art. He lived in San Francisco in the 60’s and prolifically painted the area as well as Napa Valley. French scenes often graces his canvasses as he still loves and paints his place of birth.


Guy lives and works in the Bay Area in CA and in France and continues to travel the world to find inspiration for his works of art. He can be seen at any number of events throughout the country holding art shows and posing for snapshots with his delighted collectors.


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