Jessel Miller

Jessel Miller has taken a turn in her artistic expression. She began her professional career in 1971 after graduating from the University of Florida with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art.

Moving to California in the early 70's, she started as a fashion illustrator to make ends meet and gradually supported her fine art career as a graphic artist.

She considered herself a realist and loved portraiture and began to focus on faces. Jessel did strictly faces for 15 years and developed a rich, unique style in watercolors.

Her shy personality blossomed as she met and painted famous faces for her first major show at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 1980. Melvin Belli, Diane Feinstein, Maya Angelou were just 3 of the 25 personalities  she met and painted for this exhibition. In 1985 Jessel moved to the Napa Valley and opened the Jessel Gallery in an historic 100 year old building. The gallery grew from 300 sq. ft. to 7000 sq. ft. over the next 35 years and Jessel dedicated herself to supporting artists from around the country. Today the Jessel Gallery is known as a cultural community center.

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