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Julia Minasian

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Art History as well as a Certificate of Trade in Fabric and Surface Design. Outside of college, I studied with two celebrated artists: Marianne Kolze in the Midwest and Jerry Turner, a bay area local plein air painter. From Marianne I discovered the joys of wet on wet watercolor and painting quickly with large brushes. From Jerry I developed a deeper appreciation of landscapes and how to simplify scenes with colors and shapes.


In recent years, I have enjoyed exploring the interplay of watercolors, inks, graphite and metallics. Above all I love to play with color!


There’s a lot of joy in transferring art onto other surfaces-like textiles-so I founded my company SIP to do just that! The play of the weave on art moves me. My art focus is twofold:

1.To step out of the way of my art and let the paints, paper and brushes speak

2.To facilitate creating something functional or decorative that brings joy through color and spontaneity.”

My art sells at local shows, boutique shops and wineries around the world.

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