June Lee Palmer

“I don’t want to emulate nature. I want to take you there. I want the experience to move and have meaning. I want you to forget it’s just paint on canvas.”

“I am fascinated with color,” says June Lee Palmer. “Also with nature—I love being

She studied water media techniques with Connie Adams (Maui) and Stephen Quiller (Creede, CO), pallet-knife oil skills with Reem Bassous (University of Hawai’i Manoa) and George Allan (Maui), and figure drawing and painting with Ka-Ning Fong (University of Hawai’i Manoa). She is adept with monoprints and other printmaking, photography, also ceramics. “I have learned from masterful people. Now I learn from my paintings. They teach me, every one I do.”

Raised in Southern California and New Mexico, she has scuba-dived throughout the South Pacific and had studied art history and art restoration in Florence and Calabria. She holds a BFA degree from University of Hawaii Manoa, has exhibited in Hawaii and California, and has worked as a freelance color consultant.

“I’ve created a home in Napa, and now I’m basically filling up my inspiration bucket— different cloud formations, different waterscapes, different landscapes, different kinds of light, different inspirations. Because paintings are about inspiration. Paintings paint themselves if you have inspiration.”

I’m basically having an exploration. Color is the thread that goes through all the areas I’m trying.

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