Karen Robinson

Karen Robinson – original paintings, fine art reproductions, and more

My favorite source of inspiration is the beauty I see in nature. From wildlife to landscapes, I am awed by the beauty and power of it. I like images that evoke a sense of story or drama: images that cause me to reflect on life, stimulate memories, and feel gratitude and wonder.

Some of my compositions focus exclusively on nature, while others include the presence of man-made structures that interact with nature. The best of these structures support us and enhance the way we interact with the natural world.

My formal education was not in visual art, but in music, which involved long term study and practice. Other creative pursuits followed a similar pattern. Painting, however, was different. I was amazed at the joy I found in creating art on canvas. I now realize that all my creative pursuits in life had prepared me to use a paint brush, mix colors, see perspectives, understand contrast, and put together a beautiful composition.

If you have any questions, please contact me through my website at: karenspaintings.com 

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