Krista Flood

~Krista Flood~ Glass Studio

In love with color,  I am directly inspired by the fragile ecosystem. Glass is both fragile and endures through time. It is the main subject of the fused and kiln formed glass works. A Native Californian,, traveling abroad, studying in the South of France and taking a job in Hawaii where I spent many years, has influenced the aesthetic form and function of each work. The beauty and joy of everyday life in Napa is seen in many pieces. 

  I went on to study casting,  engraving and coldworking at the Corning museum of glass in New York. Before glass, I explored many art forms including clay sculpture, jewelry casting, and watercolor from a very young age.

Most of my forms are sculpted in clay first. The design and assembling of high quality glass sheet, powders, frit, enamels, metals, minerals and even plant materials are fused together. They are cooled down and heated again to shape, slump and bend. This technique is known as warm glass.

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