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Laurie Aboudara-Robertson

After 35 years of teaching, I found my way back to my love of art. Although I never strayed too far from my artistic interests while teaching English to middle schoolers, it did have to take a backseat to instruction.  Once retired (a few years ago), I discovered this path to joy.  This journey of exploring the possibilities of color, design and nature is enchanting for both this artist and those who appreciate what the stones have to offer. 

Size, Medium, and Price:

 Size:  The stones range from the size of a nickel to approximately 7” round/oval

Medium:  Painted stones using acrylic paints (flat, metallic, glitter, pearl, etc.) sealed with a clear protective coating

Price:  $5.00-$75.00

I also do custom stones:  weddings gifts, graduations, birthdays, business names/logos, memorial stones, etc. and will work individually with interested parties (providing examples of other custom work that I have done.)

Contact: Please contact me via email

I am a super-small entity and do not maintain a website, etc.  I will work individually with clients utilizing FaceTime, etc. as needed.

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