Marta Collings

   " Painting is meditation,".  Being outdoors or in my studio creating art is my passion.  I am always learning by using different brushes or experimenting with the palette knife and changing up the colors on my palette.  I prefer to paint outdoors or "Plein Aire" when possible. I also enjoy working in my studio from photos when the weather is not cooperating.

    Majoring in art at San Jose State University and Chico State University has given me my fundamentals in color, light, technique and composition. The rest of my education is mostly self- taught.  Working with the many talented artist’s I have come to know in the Napa Valley, has been a thirty-five- year journey of discovery and self- expression.

   The earlier years were filled with raising two children and working in the travel industry.  As my children became teenagers I began to paint again. My husband’s business was also growing and doing well.  At that point I was able to move on to pursue my love of painting full time.

  Preferring a wet- on- wet loose impressionist style, painting with watercolors or oils, I work quickly with large brushes or palette knives trying not to obsess with detail. I try to convey the feeling of the warm sunlight the wind blowing or the smell of the flowers and plants.  My paintings are a moment in time, I want to give the viewer the love of the landscape that I have embraced.

My husband and I now travel with our Labrador retriever. In the summer and fall we spend most of our weekends participating in juried art festivals up and down the west coast.  We enjoy the support and camaraderie of all the artists we meet. We’ve never met an artist we didn’t like. When we travel, I am inspired by the changing landscapes throughout our country and beyond.  However, we always come back to our beautiful home state of California with a renewed appreciation of the beauty around us. 

Current Galleries:

Jessel Gallery 1019 Atlas Peak Rd, Napa, CA 94558

Art Gallery Napa Valley 1307 1st St, Napa CA 94559

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