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Mj Schaer

“HOW I SEE - WHAT I SEE” the creative and driving force behind my ability to visualize, capture and finalize that one-of-a-kind image, an instant in time that otherwise would never be seen again.

I categorize my photography as the “Art of Freeze”©, referencing from my years as a Cinematographer and the cinematography term, “Freeze Frame”, a single frame of film depicting a motionless, impactful image.

Having no formal education or training as a photographer, my photographic career began in 1966 as a Navy photographer deployed to the Vietnam War. My Professional career began in 1968, encompassing 22 years of professional and collegiate sports, a freelance cinematographer for NFL Films and a plethora of commercial and corporate clientele.

My life long appreciation for the Arts also encompassed designing and owning art galleries in La Jolla, San Francisco and Napa Valley.

Retiring from sports photography in 1990and the art business in 2009, I stepped back to my roots and passion for photography and the great outdoors.

“The most important element of a camera lens is the eye behind it” Mj SCHAER

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