Mj Schaer

Artist Statement
“What I See… How I See It”… is the creative force that drives my desire to visualize,
capture and finalize that one-of-a-kind image… an instant in time that otherwise would never be seen again.
“I categorize my photography as the “Art of Freeze” ©, referencing to my years as a Cinematographer and the Cinematography term, “Freeze Frame”, a single frame of film depicting an inspirational motionless image…
The most important element of a camera lens, is the eye behind it”... MjSCHAER 


Mj SCHAER, having no formal education or training as a photographer, began his journey into the photographic world in a very unplanned manner. His original career plan and aspiration was to become an Architect. In 1966, the Vietnam War interrupted that plan and developed Mj into a U.S. Navy photographer, altering his life’s course. His minds eye was turned from creating architecture on velum, to capturing and creating images on film and cinematography in a highly successful career as a professional sports photographer and freelance cinematographer with NFL Films. His professional photographic portfolio spanned over three decades, encompassing all professional and college sports, and dozens of company and corporate clientele. His love for art also inspired an additional career designing and owning successful art galleries.
Upon retiring from the art gallery world, the lure of the cameras combined with his love and passion for nature and the outdoors, drew him to return to new photographic challenges, capturing familiar and not so familiar subjects through a fresh, redirected eye, seeking out that one captivating photographic image.

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