Naomi Stein Cooper

I graduated from Arizona State University in 1993, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture. After that, I completed what I consider to be my “second degree,” working for the next 13 years as a Model Fabricator for a variety of applications, including for movies, stop-motion animation and museum exhibitry. After becoming sensitized to epoxy resin (through repeated use), I ended my model building career in 2006, and moved forward, acquiring computer skills and working in various fields. It was during that time that I revisited Ceramics and a return to art making…then, I had 2 kids… time passed…

In 2017, I set up my garage studio, and perhaps more importantly, I made time to
create again. In 2020, my husband and I renovated a 1972 Airstream Trailer into my new studio space. And now, I’m working with clay in a whole new way. I feel freed by the premise that “Every piece is a test and every test is a success.” This approach has allowed me to work faster, take more risks, and test new-to-me techniques and materials.

Helpfully, the medium of clay automatically determines a set of defined steps that must happen within a certain period of time on a given artwork. This (slightly flexible) set of deadlines imposed by the material itself literally pulls me into the creative state when I enter the studio. I’m inspired to build and excited to see what happens as the process moves through time. I enjoy using varied means of forming, contouring, assembling, texturing, problem-solving and glazing the pieces. I am bolder now in my use of clay and experimentation with finishes. I experiment, welcome all results, learn and continue to develop. That is my process, and I hope that my joyous experimentation is apparent in the results.

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