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Nicole Kidd

NK Jewelry Designs 

Handcrafting each piece with care: Nicole Kidd is a German-born jewelry designer in the Bay Area who has had various incarnations as a technical marketing writer, cruise director and software/AI market research and social media consultant, but it took a seminar with Ladies Who Launch in 2006 to help her birth her true vocation: Designing unique, hand-crafted artisan jewelry.


My Promise: To connect you with vibrant #artisanjewelry, handmade with curated, A-grade gemstones from around the world that wow you and others at affordable prices. Nicole loves creating stories with each design, because when you gift someone with a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind piece (e.g. incorporating a favorite shape, birthstone, color), you are indirectly sending a custom message to your recipient. I aim to enhance positivity, further loving bonds &professional relationships, and share my passions with others through my color-infused design art that enhances you to the fullest.

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