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Patricia Tostenson

On My journey - creating jewelry - I began my jewelry journey beading. While this was fun, I wanted more. Moving on I began classes with Hadar Jacobson, a pioneer in the metal clay industry. One of my metal clay pieces was featured in Bead Style magazine. After awhile I wanted to step it up to silver smith techniques, so I began classes Michael Chaile at College of Marin. I continue learning and practicing new skills now under the tutelage of Lisa D'Agostino. I never tire of learning and creating new pieces. I hope you find something that calls to you.

My focus on making jewelry started as a hobby when I was preparing for retirement. It has turned into my passion. I just love to take a stone or a piece of silver and make something beautiful and unique. After many years of classes and practice, I am still totally enjoying my journey on this path. Always looking for that special stone or a new idea, I continue to have fun. My joy comes when I see a customer wearing one of my pieces. HOW MUCHFUN IS THAT!!!

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