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Tim Howe

Born in a country where awesome beauty abounds, Tim was surrounded by the vastness and overwhelming majesty of New Zealand’s landscape. It is here where he was first inspired to express nature’s limitless splendor through his art. Tim now calls the Napa Valley home after years of traveling the world.

An internationally recognized landscape painter, Howe finds inspiration in the changing of the landscapes throughout every season, especially in the Napa Valley, where the vines determine the calendar. Tim has become so well known for his vineyard landscapes that he is often referred to as "The Artist Of Napa"
By incorporating dramatic use of color and texturing, while skillfully blending both brush and palette knife, Howe captures his subject matter, whether it be vineyards, birch trees, reflections, with a unique and modern flair.

“I’m predisposed to thinking in terms of images as either positive or negative shapes, while isolating the most important colors. I find myself utilizing nature’s shapes and images in a more graphic way for maximum effect.”

Howe’s works reflect his contemporary interpretation of landscapes, showcasing his ability to incorporate both Abstraction and Impressionism. The result is a varied body of work that skillfully blends nature between seemingly opposing viewpoints.

This unusual blending of styles attracts the contemporary and traditional collector alike. Tim's paintings can be seen in galleries, wineries, on tv shows, movie sets, wine bottles and in collectors homes throughout the world.

Currently he is living and working in Napa Valley California while still maintaining his studio of many years in Barcelona, Spain.

How to Contact the Artist

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