Trish Danby

I am what is called a “hand builder” in the world of ceramics which means I create ceramic pieces utilizing slabs of clay vs. throwing round objects utilizing a pottery wheel. This construction method allows me to create unique and one of a kind pieces with different shapes and function.

I design my pieces to bring out the colors of the glazes using texture such as doilies, lace, and buttons as a primary design component. I also love whimsical items and strive to make pieces that invoke a smile, laugh or a light heart, and will be cherished for years to come.

My pottery is available in several locations in the Napa Valley, including the Napa Valley Art Association Gallery in First Street in Downtown Napa, along with selling at various events the occur throughout the year. I can be reached at or via Instagram or Facebook @ Flying Pig
Ceramics – Napa Valley.

How to Contact the Artist

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